Why Use A Realtor

Why Use A Realtor

Online sites like Zillow and Trulia allow you to list your property directly and get equally direct responses from interested buyers.  However, the realtor profession is still around today and it’s not going anywhere soon.  That’s because many home sellers and home buyers benefit from having an industry professional handle their case.

Realtors Can Find You A Better Deal

Realtors have experience in the real estate industry.  Not only do they know how much your property is worth, they also know how to get the best deal from an interested buyer and how to negotiate for a good price.  On average, a homeowner who uses a realtor to help sell their property can expect to get around 6 percent more money than someone who sells on their own.

Realtors Provide Wider Exposure

Not only can realtors get you a better deal, they can also get you a deal faster.  This is because they know about all the sites, publications, and multiple listing services that you can use to sell real estate.  By using all these avenues at once, realtors make it much more likely that an interested buyer will soon discover your property and start negotiations.

Realtors Offer Expert Advice

As a real estate professional, a realtor is very familiar with basics like curb appeal, home inspections, home tours, and everything else that comes with buying and selling residential real estate.  They can advise you on what improvements you can make that will boost your home’s value, which structural issues are worth fixing and which ones the next owner should take care of, and which market trends you can use to your advantage.  This knowledge can save you a lot of time and energy.

Realtors Can Handle The Sales Process

Most homeowners have busy lives.  They have jobs to go to, kids to care for, hobbies to enjoy, and so on.  Answering calls and emails from interested buyers can take up a lot of time, especially if they want to tour the property, see extra photos, or ask a lot of questions.  A realtor can handle all of this for you and only bother you if someone asks a complex question or if a potential buyer is ready to make a final offer.

Realtors Can Be Your Advocate

When you hire a realtor, that person acts as your representative.  That means they have an obligation to put your interests first and meet whatever requirements you lay out.  Realtors also accept a commission on the sale as their payment, so getting you the best deal possible is in their interest, too.

Selling a home on your own has never been easier, but there are still plenty of reasons why home sellers turn to realtors.  Realty agents can smooth out the process, they can offer expert advice on how to fix up your old home, and they know how to negotiate for the best deal possible.  If you’re ready to sell a property, contact Titan Lafayette Real Estate and learn for yourself what we offer.