Buying Residential Real Estate in Lafayette

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Process Overview: Buying A Home

Step 1 — Meet and Greet

We believe in forging relationships with our clients, then helping them with their Lafayette, IN needs. We start by introducing ourselves and getting to know you and your home buying needs so we can get you the right results.

Step 2 — Create a Customer Experience

We work with you to create an experience that is tailored to you and your preferences. Instead of treating you like a number in our portfolio, we treat you like you’re the important person you are.

Step 3 — Best Price Within the Timeline

We put all of our effort into getting you the absolute best prices when looking for homes. And we do so quickly, so you can finalize your transaction within the timeline you’ve set.


Meet with Buyer

Meeting with the buyer lets us ensure that they are motivated and ready to buy a Lafayette, IN home, and gives us an understanding of your goals and needs.


Comparative Market Analysis

Our team takes a look at the entire Lafayette, IN residential real estate market to get a picture of comparable properties, including all the houses for sale, and determine whetheror not a fair price is being reached.



We handle all documentation to keep things compliant, and to ensure that you are able to relax knowing that we’re handling every aspect for you.


Negotiation and Closing

The closing and negotiation process can be complicated. That’s why we handle it for you, letting your Lafayette, IN home buying experience go as smoothly and hassle-free as possible.

What Sets Us Apart


Our team has decades of experience in the real estate field and in the Lafayette, IN area in particular. This means you get the best results from true professionals.

Personal/Professional Care

We take real estate personally. That’s why we build a relationship with our clients and give them the best, professional care possible.

Best Prices

When buying a home, we make sure that you get the prices that are fair and that fit into your budget.

Competitive Market

Our competitive market analysis lets us ensure that our clients find the homes for sale that are right for them and they never pay too much.

Customer Forward

We’re a customer-focused firm. We believe in helping our Lafayette, IN clients get the results they deserve, and have the best experience possible while doing it.

Up To Date

We apply the latest technology to every interaction with clients. This way, we can review all the homes for sale including the new homes listed for sale and other properties in the area to find the ones that match your budget and needs.